Share Certificate  Order Form

You may use this online form to open your Share Certificate.

Fill in the fields and hit the submit button or print the form out and fax it to 1-856-235-2904 to get the current day's rate.

Or you can mail it with your deposit to:

Acume CU
P.O. Box 680
Moorestown, NJ

If you are mailing in a check, the check must clear your account in order to purchase your Share Certificate. Minimum amount is $1000.00. 

Primary Member (Full Name):
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Joint Member (Full Name):
Account Number:
Amount: Term:
Certificate to be purchased by funds in:
Beneficiary payable upon death:
Signature (if by mail): _______________________________________
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I/We have read the Rate and Fee Schedule.

Once you have decided on the term of your Share Certificate, you can not withdraw from it until it matures. If you do withdraw early, it will incur a penalty.

When your account is about to mature, you will receive a notice allowing you a grace period of ten business days from the date of maturity. You then decide whether you want to rollover the certificate and do nothing, put the certificate  in for another term, or cash-in  the account. 

Please call the office (1-800-713-2274) for the latest rates and any further information.

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